Who We’re Here to Help

The Burton Foundation predominantly donates to South Australian charities. We may also consider grants to Australian and international causes.

For people

The Burton Foundation supports innovative organisations and individuals dedicated to creating positive change for the following groups:

  • Children
  • Disadvantaged Youth
  • Health and Medical Research Sector.

For our community

The Burton Foundation also values the difference made by charities and organisations that:

  • Work tirelessly to safeguard the community during natural disasters
  • Are committed to growing philanthropy and inspiring others to give back to their communities.

Supporting administration

In addition to directly supporting programs, we also believe in the 'Pay What it Takes Approach' to ensure that for-purpose organisations have continued financial viability to provide their much-needed services and the ability to sustain and grow their capacity.

Our operational approach

The Burton Foundation actively explores charitable opportunities on a regular basis and does not operate a formal application process.

We distribute grants in June and December of each year, unless otherwise agreed.

Please contact us for more information.